Want To Gamble Online? Here Are Some Interesting facts

24 Mar

How are you able to read this article? It’s because of the internet, right? The Internet has become a major part of our daily life, work-life and what not. The major part of internet users is online gamers. According to the report suggested by Comscore in 2019, one out of two internet users plays games online in India.

These online gamers are of all age groups, from a 6-year-old child to 60-year-old retirees. They all have their own preferences, someone is fighting demons, someone is solving puzzles and someone is making fortune at online casinos.

There are people in the world who have never been to a casino but still are passionate about gambling. You must have heard the famous quote from Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin.

“From all earthly passions, the strongest one is the obsession with the game.”


You must have heard about several myths and stereotypes about online gambling. Most people think negatively about online casinos, based on false accusation and myths. To slightly dispel fog from these stereotypes, we have come with some interesting and cool facts about online gambling:

History Of Online Gambling

The first-ever online casino was set up in 1996 and was named InterCasino Version IV, read more about it. InterCasino marked the beginning of what will become a million-dollar industry. Since the dawn of InterCasino, they have paid more than $3 billion in winnings. Today over 2000 legal and official online casino establishments are registered with WWW or world wide web.

Omnia Casino- World’s First Artificial Intelligent Gaming Operator

In 2018, the world’s first-ever 100% artificial intelligence online casino was launched. They offer Omnia coins under the loyalty scheme which you can exchange for free spins and win cash prizes. The casino is now open for local bank transfer too.

A 40-Year-Old Finnish Man Won 18 Million Euros In 30 Minutes 

Yes, online gambling is about luck, but playing your cards right in a jackpot game can also be very lucrative. You may also know that with every bet that is made, jackpot increases. The biggest jackpot win was achieved by a 40 years old Finnish man. This Helsinki resident was a newcomer and placed a 25-cent bet in 2013 and just after 30 minutes of playing at Mega Fortune won €17,861,813. You can watch his video of winning spin online.

Slots Are The Moneymaker


Have you ever wondered why slot machines still use fruit symbols? It is because slot machines used to dispense chewing gum, which could be traded for money! This is precisely why many machines still use fruit symbols. According to the studies, over 70 % of online casino operators’ profits come from online slot machines. Revenue generated by online casinos worldwide comes from penny slots (lowest stakes).

Cyprus Spends The Most Money On Online Casinos

Cypriot is the term given to the nation that spends the most money on online casinos. The people of Cyprus spend about 2.5 million euros annually on internet gambling. The population of Cyprus is 800 thousand inhabitants, which means each inhabitant leaves approximately 3125 euros of their hard-earned money at online casinos.

Don’t believe in myths and stereotypes, instead research about the online casino game you want to play and make a fortune for yourself.

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